Kitsap Printing uses the latest high-end technology for printing and finishing. The operation is dominated by Konica Minolta Printing Equipment including the newest color press C1060 and the fast bizhub 951. The machines have an inline professional finishing and perfect book binding unit to make soft cover books, which make any print project most efficient. You can watch both types of the machines we have in operation in below videos.

Kitsap Printing is further equipped with endless finishing machines that will create almost any paper products desired. We create brochures with several folding and stitching equipment, score paper, do custom stitching, emboss and we cut up to 35 inch wide paper professionally into any format.

We run the latest technology to make any kind of booklet:

We make perfect bound books with the PB-503 perfect binder from Konica Minolta:

Our new C1060 is the state-of-the-art digial press for any print short-run and high volume color printing:

Our oldest machine is the bizhub C6500, which is in operation at Kitsap Printing since 2006: