14-06-09 A New Book

Today, we created a new book for a passionate novel writer David Snapper. You can find your book on Kitsap Publishing by clicking >here<.

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"Kitsap Publishing turned a stack of loose pages into a bound book and I am very grateful. My book, Valley Junction's Ice Cream Trolley, is not yet finished. Even the title isn't fixed. But working with Ingemar Anderson and Kitsap Publishing was so easy that I printed five experimental copies of the manuscript. I am more pleased with the books than I imagined possible. I chose a final size of 8"x5" resulting in a bound book of 546 pages. The printing and binding are exactly what was promised and what I hope to achieve. The workmanship is accurate and the edges are cut precisely. The volume is physically sturdy and the pages fall fully open. It does not give me the sense of being in peril of falling apart; it feels strong and durable. It compares with conventionally published books at Barnes and Noble. This is my experience:

1. I can give a bound copy to friends for concept proofing. They will view the manuscript more seriously now that it is bound.

2. The bound copy helps me tune the formatting for the final printing process in the near future. With the bound book in hand it is much easier to determine what is important for formatting and what is inconsequential. For example, the future run will have smaller margins and 3/4" longer lines.

3. Holding the physical book adds incentive to finish the overall book to the highest level. The bound copy created the sense that writing has been a great joy -- finishing will be even more rewarding.

4. Having reached this level of completion I am ready to start on artwork for the cover.

5. At his stage it is easy to think concretely about marketing the book, sharing the finished work with friends -- or, whatever I choose to do. I now have more -- and more realistic -- options. Whether I choose to make ten final copies or a thousand final copies, this interim batch of prototype copies already has improved the book.

David Snapper

This is an unsolicited testimonial. Thank you, Kitsap Publishing"