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Why Newsletters?

Newsletters are maybe the most effective way to stay in touch with your customers, community or even with your own organization. But, unfortunately not everyone takes advantage of this very efficient tool today. To make it easier for you to publish your newsletters we are helping current and future publishers in the following areas:

  • A) Preparing a first newsletter
  • B) Puplishing (print and online version) their first newsletter
  • C) Develop a routine of frequent publications

A) We find that most people hesitate to create a newsletter is that they believe there is a lack of content. That is why we stepped up to provide you with complete templates including the content blocks that every newsletter should have, the different formats. We even put it all together for you. We will ask you for the information that is important for your organization, and we will create a beautiful newsletter specifically for your organization and your industry.

B) We publish more than 20 different newsletters every month here at Kitsap Printing. We can offer you very competitive prices for a booklet style newsletter or smaller flyer style newsletters, and we will also arrange the distribution through our partnering mail distribution center. Ask us for our prices.

We also publsih your newsletters on a popular county-specific online platform, so your newsletter can be found and viewed from any device (PC, Mac, Tablet and smartphone).

C) Keeping up with writing a regular newsletter might be the hardest task as a publisher. We will give you great tips and help in regards to methods that will help you with keeping up with your writing tasks.

What are the main components of a newsletter?

Here is a list of items that we will retrieve from you:

  • A header with name, date and coverage of the newsletter
  • A message from the President
  • Upcoming Events
  • Reader’s Comments
  • Event Reports (with pictures)
  • Contact Lists
  • Announcements
  • Ads

Generate income with your newsletter!

Many of our customers generate a considerable amount of income through ads they place in their newsletters.