We are proud of the variety of print products our company has developed since its inception in 1981. We do one-color to four-collor (full color) work and offer a full service binding, perforrating, collating, folding and embossing & debossing service.

Below graph illustrates the product categories we are producing. Please ask us for the products in bold since we are planning to expand our operations into these areas.

The Department of Labor classifies the printing industry as listed below. Kitsap Printings main focus is on Industry Group 2752. However, we are performing certain activities in other industry groups as well, and we are exploring many other areas like for example Book Printing.

Industry Group 271: Newspapers: Publishing, Or Publishing And Printing

2711Newspapers: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing

Industry Group 272: Periodicals: Publishing, Or Publishing And Printing

2721Periodicals: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing

Industry Group 273: Books

2731Books: Publishing, or Publishing and Printing

2732Book Printing

Industry Group 274: Miscellaneous Publishing

2741Miscellaneous Publishing

Industry Group 275: Commercial Printing

2752Commercial Printing, Lithographic

2754Commercial Printing, Gravure

2759Commercial Printing, Not Elsewhere Classified

Industry Group 276: Manifold Business Forms

2761Manifold Business Forms

Industry Group 277: Greeting Cards

2771Greeting Cards

Industry Group 278: Blankbooks, Looseleaf Binders, And Bookbinding

2782Blankbooks, Looseleaf Binders and Devices

2789Bookbinding and Related Work

Industry Group 279: Service Industries For The Printing Trade