A great design is the beginning of every successful print project. But creating a new logo or a whole new branding for your company can be cumbersome and a lot of work for companies that have not much experience in graphic design or marketing. Moreover, good graphic designers are typically very expensive, and they often charge for every single design component.

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We at Kitsap Printing have not only printed countlessprint material for internal office use or marketing and customer communication. Since 1981, we have also designed many of our customer's logos, business cards, letterheads, flyers or even newsletters, to name a few.

When you work with us we offer you three options:

OPTION A - The most affordable Design - 15$ to 50$

Our inhouse designers have several years of experience working with Adobe and Microsoft Deisgn Software. We are not a graphic design company, and we are not planning on becoming one. But we can generally design based on basic ideas using the latest graphical design suites and somecommonsense. Our design can be a great basic template for professional designers, who can make every component of your design perferct. We can create a well working start design, which will work for most purposes. We typically keep the original design file and you will receive a bitmap or jpg file with your design.

We typically include up to two free design proofs in our regular printing services without charging extra for it. If you want us to send you additional design proofs after you reviewed two of our design versions for a print job, we will ask for your permission to add a design fee, which is typically only 15$. We call this fee set-up fee or additional proof.

OPTION B - The most Bang for the Buck - 300$ to 400$

We wil initiate and organize a worldwide logo contest for you using a worldwide service You just need to give us some ideas, your desired appearance, industry and some key words, we will do the rest for you. Of course, you can also just go to and manage that process yourself. It takes typically two weeks for that contest, which gives you at least 50 different designs you can chose from. We have also used that service to design our new company logo.Above slide show illustrtes a selection of logos that we have received during that process.

OPTION C - Absolute best Results - 500$ and up

We work with high-profile graphical designers who have worked for large graphic design studios that have created the most beautiful and valuable trademarks for many well known brand names.

Our partner design company is www.cimacreative.comowned by Nick Johnson. Please do not hesitate to contact Nick directly. We will work with Nick to make your design look great on printed paper.


Typesetting is a major service we provide to our customers. No matter whether you are a new customer or an existing customer with recurring orders, we make sure your content appears perfectly on every printed product. Most typesetting activities are included with the price for printing.

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