We offer great volume discounts and programs for single orders but also for recurring orders. You can also purchase our print products and services with us in bulk with big discounts but pay only when you need them. And that is good for your cash flow.

Typically, most businesses give you much more competitive prices when you order in bulk. Let’s say you would pay 45 cents each to receive 100 brochures as illustrated in below graph. When you order 1,000 you would pay only 15 cents each. That will save you 25 cents per brochure. We already give you such discounts, but now we are going one step further:


If you need to order only 100 brochures today, but you know you will need another 900 thoughout the entire year, we will print 1,000 now but you will pay and receive only 100. Every time you need to order more brochures during the year,you will get them for the discounted price, and you can receive them instantly since we have them already printed and stored in our facility. We are offering you this deal for all of our products like business cards, menus, newsletters, etc. Take advantage of this program today!

The advantages for you are:

a) you will only pay for the number of prints that you pick up up.

b) when you need them, they are already printed and ready for you to pick-up immediately.

c) you will get the bulk print discount for high volume even though you pick-up only a portion

The only two commitments you have to make are:

a) you will not make any design or content changes until your entire bulk order is picked-up.

b) you will order the rest of the large batch within one year (or otherwise specified in the bulk-order agreement).

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can set up your“Print Bulk and Save” account.